The project is funded by a People Award for £30,000 from the Wellcome Trust.  This is the UK’s largest charity and it funds bio-medical research around the world.  The People Awards are part of their Public Engagement programme.

We are working very closely with research biologists from the Biosciences Department at the University of Kent in Canterbury.  The lead scientists are Professor Mick Tuite and Professor Martin Warren and several members of their laboratories have volunteered time and resources to help establish and run the project.  We have contributed talks to their FIRE-BIO lecture series.

We have established a close link with the Kent MS Therapy Centre.  They are situated just across the school field and they are a self-funded charity, established 25 years ago by MS patients, to offer a range of treatments and services.  Our students have organised numerous fund-raising events and many of them regularly visit the centre to offer their help.

The local NHS trust employs three specialist MS nurses. We have been asked to help assemble some web pages about MS which will be posted on the Hospital Web site.  These will act as a point of reference for MS patients and relatives – we hope to involve Year 10 students in this part of the project.